Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tignors... take 2... Dec 2013

 Time with the Tignors take 2... this post will be allocated only to our Triple Date Night with The Tignors and The Kims.  We wanted our friends to experience a true Korean BBQ with our Korean friends The Kim family.  It was one of the most memorable nights in Korea for even our family.  We started the night with Beef and finished with music and microphones.  A fabulous night for sure and one that we could not recreate even if we tried.  So fun.

This is one of our favorite Korean BBQ places bc not only is it a restaurant but it is also the slaughter house... the meat is that fresh.  First stop is the butcher where you pick out your own meat, then carry your raw meat to the restaurant area where they sit you on the floor, bring coals and all the sides.  Next you are the chef and start cooking just to your liking and then let the gorging begin.  Amazing Amazing... my mouth is watering just writing about it.

After our tummies are full we get back in the van (we all wanted to ride together) and we head back to the beach for some karaoke.  Blake and I had never been to the infamous Korean Karaoke... I can say one of us was excited the other one was patient with every ones excitement.  It was going to be a fun night... I could sense it.

The night of singing started a little slow with only Heather and I singing... but when Kevin Kim busted out with Gangnam Style and singing all the lyrics (even the ones in Korean) we all lost it and IT WAS OFFICIALLY ON.

We even got the boys to sing... again one was thrilled to sing and the other not so much... can you guess???

A fun fun night... I would pay a lot of money to get that night back... and we were having so much fun we had to keep paying money to keep the room longer and longer... love these kinds of memories.  Who would had ever thought you could get a girl and her husband from Texas, a girl and her husband from Chicago, and a girl and her husband from Korea all the in same room and they would have the best night ever.  Love it.  We even wrote a little something on the wall of the room.

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