Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pierce's 7th bday party.... jan 2014

Pierce's 7th birthday party requires a big disclaimer... we waited until April 2014 to have Pierce's bday bc he told us he wanted to wait until Vivi and Grandad were there... so sweet right... so we waited.  So keep that in mind when you see how big both Pierce and Asher are in the photos.  

Pierce wanted his birthday party at the local trampoline cafe... and it was so much fun.  We had the party in the morning on a Friday bc the kids had a holiday at school and since it was on a Friday it was like we booked the whole place... the only people there were people for Pierce's party.  It was so much fun and thanks to ViVi and GD everything went smooth of course.  

He's not the birthday boy this time... but I could not resist... he was having so much fun in the toddler room with all the wood pieces.

Yes, this is a trampoline place (the trampolines were on the other side of the wall) but of course there were also electronics... which what boy does not love that.

And then someone brought out their ipad???? We had to turn that off fast or we were going to loose our children.

Time for cake and presents...

So proud of our 7 year old.  We love him so.

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