Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dec 2013 Random Fun... lots of videos too.

December is always full of fun activities and we captured a lot of them in still and video form... so here you go (just sorry they are so late).

Pierce was in a Christmas talent show at school where he was a reindeer... so here he after dress rehearsal one day with bubba.

This is a great video of what happens to my boys once the TV is turned on... I loose them... they are sucked in.  I do love this video too bc it shows how gentle Pierce is with his brother... these two were meant for each other for sure.
My parents give me these Santa Elves every year and I only have two here in Korea... so this year I put them on top of the tree... aren't they so cute.

Just a fun pic of all the kids at church... love our BLOOM family.

A video of just playing with my boys... Asher was trying to protect me and getting brother.

Christmas party for our women's bible study group
You remember Esther... look how grown up she is getting.

Here is a pic of Pierces group for the talent show... aren't they all so adorable?

I have been going to boot camp for a few months now and I got this cute pic of Asher hanging out with one of the boys... he usually just plays and runs around while we are boot camp... don't let the sun shine fool you.... it was freezing out there.

His aunt(s) do rock...

A fun night... I took Pierce to bingo night with a friend... we did not win anything but it was a fun night.

Thanks to sweet Kathy May I now have my very first pair of hand stitched (warmest) socks... love them.

Asher got this cute hat from a friend that started out as a client of Blake's, but no longer works for the company but still a friend.  We have not seen him in months but he mailed this to Asher... so sweet right?  I love Koreans.

Asher opening a present from his 25 days of Christmas (with brothers help) but I love how interested he is in the book after it is opened.
Liz and I went to the nutcracker here in Ulsan... fun times and so nice to get away just us girls with no kids.

A picture of pierce delivering goodies to the security guards and neighbors.

I kept the fun reindeer horns from girls night and the boys had hours and hours of fun with them.

This years Christmas card... 

Some random Dec. fun around the house.. with all the presents that are coming in the mail, Pierce has found a good resourceful use of the boxes (and my champagne bottle).

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