Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun at school... Jan 2014

I am so thankful that Pierce's teacher post pictures of the kids at school... for my personal enjoyment and also I get to use them here and let you see all the fun they are having in school.  

This picture I took of Pierce's theme notebook... he was learning how to put a sequence in order using "clothes through time".  Do you remember any of these?  The next picture is of an interesting assignment which I loved Pierce's answers.

Pierce received Star of the Week from Mr. Milford again... so proud of our little man.

In honor of celebrating another Korean holiday at school where they learn all about the holiday, dress up in National clothes. crafts (Korean Masks), Korean games, and for this day they asked Parents to come so the children could bow to us and present us with money (now I like this holiday).

The weather was getting to be nice so they had lots of field trips in January.

You will have to click on these pics to see Pierce's masterpiece... they were challenged to create a future house and then try to sale it... Pierce's is in the top left hand corner and looks like a pumpkin... so fun.

I absolutely love that the children still get free playtime in 1st grade... really helps them use their imagination and learn to play well with others... look at this amazing city that the kids built with sky scrapers, a zoo, streets, bridges and more.

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Denton Family said...

You and Pierce are going to miss this school and Mr. Milford.


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