Friday, May 30, 2014

3rd Naming Ceremony in Korea... one more to go. March 2014

We really love the naming ceremonies here in Korea for many reasons.... The biggest being that one more mistress is gone and now on her way to make some money (great job guys) and the close second would be HHI really knows how to throw a party at the naming ceremonies. They are always so much fun filled with streamers, white gloves, lots of photos and several pats on the back... Hats off to the Noble and HHI team... they deserve this one.  Isn't she a beauty.

Meet the name sake... Mr Sam Croft

After the shipyard fun and ship tour... we head to lunch with the gang for speeches and gifts.  More fun... One of our VP's at Noble is a UT alumni.... and the last naming ceremony a 3 string band played "working on the rail road" and our VP got really excited and threw up "the longhorn sign".  As you can imagine in the oil business she was way outnumbered in the room.  So this naming ceremony Blake went to great lengths to get a new song and requested that it be played... have you ever heard a three string band play The TAMU fight song... The lady in the video that comes to speak with Blake is the VP I mentioned.  All in good fun.

After all the fun at the shipyard we all got in our cars and headed to Busan for the night for more fun and eating.  (thanks to some good friends here they stayed with the boys).  The next photos are of our hotel room (amazing) and the banquet to celebrate that night.

Taw Da... I got to wear my red dress.... :-)

This couple means the world to me... Meet Mr. President of HHI and his wife.  Blake is honored to have worked with him and I get emotional every time I think about how involved she was when I delivered Asher here in Korea.  They got word that Blake's wife was having a baby at the hospital and Mrs. President of HHI retired from and she contacted the hospital (told them to do a good job) for our benefit and she even came and visited me in the hospital.  She does not speak English but just having her smile and presence was enough to make me feel like I had a Korean mom in the room.  At this banquet I was not sure if I was going to see them again so I gave them both a big hug and thanked them from the bottom of my heart with tears in my eyes.  I think Mr. President felt so uncomfortable with my tears that he said "why don't we take a picture" and then he sent the following pic to Blake afterwards.  Sweet Sweet family... 

They decorated so cool at our hotel I had to take pics... I love it all.

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always so proud of you and Blake and thankful for this experience.


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