Friday, May 16, 2014

Tignors part 3... Seoul... Dec 2013/Jan 2014

After a few days in Ulsan... we loaded the entire gang on the KTW and headed north to SEOUL.  We were all very much excited for obvious reasons... we were ready for some Mexican food.  Also we would be spending new years eve and new years in Seoul.  We did have big plans that consisted of a babysitter and the adults hitting the town... but Blake came down with something that made him feel like he had been run over by a truck so he stayed in the hotel with the kids and the rest of adults had a quick dinner out and rushed back to be with him.  It was a great trip and loved every minute with our sweet friends that came all that way from Singapore to be with us.

We had checked the weather for Seoul before we arrived... but we were not prepared for the snow... check this out... so cool.

We got to leave the boys and kids back in the hotel while us girls went shopping in Insadong... we did some damage and had fun while doing it... 

We had just a few days in Seoul but so much to do... looking back I can't believe all that we fit in to the trip... here are some pics of our quick little trip to the Seoul Tower.

And we even got to go to a museum... The National Korean Museum (not as good as the Korean War Museum but it was interactive for the children at the end).  Pierce loved reading everything he could and the next picture is my favorite.  Our little learner...

If you can believe it... these are pillows... no thank you.

New Years Eve... we had heard all day that streets were going to be blocked off and that our hotel was actually walking distance to the big show (was said to be equivalent to the ball in New York... they exaggerated a bit).  We were very close we could see the prep work from our hotel room and definitely could hear the party before midnight.  I with the adult Tignors went out to dinner and had Thai food (yummy) got an extra bottle of champagne and headed back to the hotel before the traffic got to bad.

All cuddled up in bed ready for midnight (remember Blake was not feeling well)... he was trying to hide from the photo shot but he was not that lucky.

Did I mention earlier what we were looking forward too... oh yes Mexican Food... we even had to get pics with the On The Border basket of chips... Yummy.

There was an occasion where the boys split with baby and I got this picture from Brent shortly after saying "Asher took his first selfie"... so cute.

So thankful for the Tignors and miss them already... wish we could do this over again and again.

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