Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love me some Tignors... Part 1... Dec 2013

This past Dec we had our first visitors from Singapore... some really good friends/neighbors from way back when but every time we are around them it feels like we were just together yesterday.  Heather and I have many many fond memories in Singapore together and I miss her so much.  Pierce and Audrey (their only child) went to school together and rode the bus together (you know how much bonding happens on the bus).  We anticipated their visit for months and it has already come and gone.  Just looking through these pics I get a little sad and long for another visit with them.  So thankful for the friendships that God has given to us all over the world.  Here are a few pics of our time together.  They stayed in Ulsan for a few days and then we all headed up to Seoul for some good food and to do a bunch of tourist stuff. :-)

These two picked up right where they left off... so fun to have them back together again... they have a history of being best friends and worst enemies (but that is so normal with two that like each other so much).  We miss you Audrey.

We wanted to show them what Ulsan had to offer so of course we headed outside in the bitter cold... and they loved it.  The Pine Forest was Heather's favorite.

And we even got the opportunity to share with them our church here.  I got a little teary eye in this service having Heather there with me... I loved it... truly a gift from the Lord.  Come back for some more pics and more fun with the Tignors.

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