Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby Felts is a girl... Feb 2014

This really has nothing to do with our boys or our immediate family but we have some good friends here in Ulsan that are prego with their second child and we got to throw them a reveal party.  I remember how special our reveal party was for Asher and wanted to recreate that for Emily and her family.  So here are a bunch of pics of all the fun.

We had asked all the participants to wear their vote... blue for boy and pink of girl... so the next two photos show who voted for what.

Ducks were our theme... we played the old carnival game "Pick a Duck" for the actual reveal.  We gathered the family and too include Michael their first born we had him pick a duck and look on the bottom... on one of the ducks was a pink or blue mark... what will it be (you have already read the title so you know already :-)).  It was a fun way to include the older brother and was fun to anticipate if he was going to pick up the right one or not.

I got to do a lot for the party (which I love) but this time it was the first time I got to make a cake (I don't even make cakes for my children's bdays) and it turned out good and tasted great.

Asher thought it was his show... sweet baby.

Let the game begin... I was the only one who knew what the gender was (since I had to place the mark on the duck) and it was killing me.  I was so ready to play the game so I would not accidentally give any hints.

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