Monday, July 2, 2012

Love for Home Country...

A couple of weeks ago at school Pierce had International Week... they had activities everyday celebrating the children's home country.  One of the activities was to dress up a "doll" (which was a paper cut out) in one's national dress or something that reminds them of home.  We always find this hard for America bc unlike some countries where they definitly have a culture dress I never really know what to do for us.  Some say the western theme but some Americans have never been to a rodeo or rode a horse and some say just something red white or blue... but that could also be England, Australia or New Zealand... but when you ask Pierce what do Americans wear... he will say camoflauge and be an Army man... so we of course had to make an Army man... The parents were to come and help the kids make their dolls... and all the Americans were in the same room.. so we had fun creating and celebrating our home country together.

Here is our doll Army Man carrying an American Flag.

Here are all the American (and one Cambodian) dolls... check out that Astronaut and DisneyLand Fan... so creative and cute.

Pierce was so proud of his American Soldier... these dolls are still displayed all around school but I have yet to get a picture of all the countries... sorry... they are fantastic.

The last day of International Week we had a big celebration feast for dinner... the kids had made lots of decorations for the party, they put on a show for us and all the parents were to bring a "food" from their home country to share with the rest of the parents... it was a great night with some really yummy food.

Pierce and his best bud Bodhi.

Pierce was on stage to perform but had not told me that he was learning anything... I don't think he knew he had learned anything worthy of performing... so here he is crossed arm and not sure what is going on.

But as soon as the music started and someone was in front to show them what to do... the hips started moving.

Here is the American cuisine... Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwiches, Chili Dogs, Jumbalia (sp?), Frito Pie with all the dressings.  It was yummy and our table was a huge hit... 

After all the fun Pierce found a newspaper with some jets on it... and could not put it down... it was a great night just sad Dad could not be with us... he would have loved the Frito Pie... 

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