Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sports Day at School...

Another fun day at school... Sports Day.  The kids loaded in a big bus and headed down the road to an amazing soccer field for sports day.  The weather was fantastic... cloudy and a little windy and screaming for kids to come play outside.  So here we are ready for all the fun.  
Can you find Pierce?

One excited little boy... so much room to run and play.

And off they go...

Here they are chasing their teacher Miss. Murphy (in the red top)... Pierce is the second kid about to catch up...

Stretching time...

And hanging with his buddy Bodhi.

Ready for the relay... he was first and was so excited to get started...

You had to drop the bean bags in the circles and run back as fast as you can... relay against another team.

Pierce with more friends... The girl in the middle name is Camille and then Sophie (which loves Pierce... always giving him hugs).

I did not know he could do this... he has lift off... and in the background is his assistant teacher Miss. Naam.

Mom even got to do a mommy relay and had to run a little (was interesting taking the baby bump with me)... we had a great day with friends and enjoying the cool weather.

School is now over and we are in summer now but there is more fun that I will share with that we had just the last week of school.

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