Friday, July 13, 2012

Arrival to Texas (last Dec... sorry so late)

We have been talking about Christmas lately on our blog... so I need to tell you about our arrival to Texas... there was one happy/excited boy to see his favorite Grace... Aunt JuJu's and Uncle KW's dog... but Pierce refers to her as his Texas dog and often talks about her to all his friends as if Grace is his... it will be a sad day when we move back to Texas and have to explain that Grace will stay with JuJu and KW... oh boy what a great conversation that will be... they have a bond like no other.

Here are some pics of our arrival to Houston where Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW live with Grace and family.

Cousin Lauren was getting married in a couple of weeks (she is already married now) so she was living at home... we got some great time with her which will always be treasured.

Pierce although has a room at their house he wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy on the floor.. so we made a pallet and every night he would pick who was going to read to him... and if Cousin Lauren was there... she was always the winner and Grace was always there to enjoy the company as well... 

Inseparable these two... we miss you all!

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