Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flashback... time with friends in Aggieland!

Back in Dec. we were in Texas we stopped in Aggieland to say hello to the Mays'.  Oh how we love that place and those people.  Always a great time and just wish we had many more hours, days (I would even take some minutes) to stay there and get loved on.  And when I mean loved on... we laugh, cry, share and eat (Kathy always makes our favorites).  Here are some pics of our time with Sara and Kathy May and the dogs of course.

We always get to play a couple of rounds of Skipbo with Sara... a favorite for sure but she always cheats... he he he

I guess I am just missing this little lady (hence the late post)... but who could even get tired of this smile.

The lady of the house... Mrs. Kathy May... oh how sweet she has always been to me and my family.  I love you and thanks for always making our stays so pleasant and I never leave her house with out gifts, filled up with love and full belly... who could ask for more.

She even gave Pierce her son's real army hat and Pierce was one excited little boy... I still find him in his room wearing this hat carrying a machine gun.

Can't wait to get back there... and get some hugs.

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Denton Family said...

sweet memories

Denton Family said...

sweet memories

Jones Family said...

YEAH FOR KATHY AND SARA!!!!!!! I loved this post! Thanks, C! Takes me back in time and glad to see they're doing well. :->


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