Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scene 1... we were ready to go.

So the next couple of post will just be about our maternity pics... please note this is just for those who have said let us see more and really for when I print out our blog into book form I will have all of them in the book... so bare with me...

Here is scene 1... when we were nice and fresh (and not sweating yet)... Pierce had to be tickled to get into the mood but he soon caught on.  I thought it was a little weird that our first pose was sitting on the ground (I thought great my white skirt is going to be brown for the rest of the pics)... but I had brought props (did you have any doubts?) and one of them was a blanket so we were good.

Enjoy and these are after some editing and all my editing friends out there I will take any pointers... still learning to use photoshop...

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