Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flashback... birthday in Texas!

More flashbacks... I am really trying to play catch up and half a year ago we were in Texas in Dec/Jan and had a lot of fun that I still have to blog about... and here is an important one... when our baby boy turned 5.  We just love being home for birthdays... we get spoiled from family and friends and we get donuts for breakfast.  That was our first stop... Shipleys... yummy.

Then after breakfast we headed the children's museum... we have not been there in years and they had done a lot of work... it was fantastic and so much to do and see... here are some pics our fun time there.

They had this great section where you got to build a car out of lego's and then race them... here are my boys building (a daddy's dream)... and then off to the races.

Then we made torpedo's and planes and got to shoot them at targets... 

And then off to the imagination zone... mommy's favorite... first stop EMT and then to the grocery store where we got to shop and buy anything we wanted to eat and then off to the vet clinic.

A great day in Houston celebrating turning 5 years old... it seems like forever ago when Pierce turned 5 (he is now 5.5) and this half year has really fllown by and lots has changed but we are thankful for every minute.  Pierce has really developed into a smart sweet young boy... everyday his daddy and I look at him and question "when did you get so big and grown up"... he is so much fun and we never could imagine that we would love a child this much... but we do...

Come back tomorrow and find out what we did for his birthday dinner.

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Jones Family said...

OK...seriously?!?!?! There's no Shipley's here in Cali either. You have my mouth watering at 10:30 at night for stinkin donuts!!!!!! I miss Chick-Fil-A too! The closest one is over an hour away. An hour and a half away I did find a Freebirds this weekend!!!!!!!! I waited in line for 30 min to get me and Stacy a burrito! It was heaven.....


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