Friday, July 6, 2012

So much fun at school...

Wet and Wild day at school... so much fun.  The kids were asked to come dressed to get wet and also the parents were invited... you better believe I was not going to miss this one.  The kids had a great time getting wet and just being silly.

Every kids dream... how many times I have said not to jump in that puddle... well here was his time to jump in a huge puddle bucket and get all kinds of wet.

His new school really made the last week of school so much fun... we are already missing all the fun we had there... now we are getting ready for Kindergarten (it is about to get serious :-)).

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Denton Family said... can it be?

Jones Family said...

This last pic rocks! Sassy-frassy! How on earth are our boys old enough for real school, Camille!!!!!!! Where did time go.
And speaking of time flying by....we're planning for our Disneyland trip this weekend, but I have to say I keep thinking....last summer we were in Singapore! My heart aches for you guys!!!!!!


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