Wednesday, July 25, 2012

38 weeks!

Age: 38 Weeks

Size: Leek (? - feels a lot bigger than that)

Gender:  Boy

Name:  Asher John Denton

Mom's Cravings: Still craving ice/popsicles... anything cold and crunchy.  I will/can chomp on ice all day long and all night.  I refill the ice trays about 5 times a day (good thing our freezer is cold).

Changes:  Same as last time I report... the biggest change is the size of me and baby.  I always get mixed reports from friends... some are sweet and lie about how they say I am all belly and then others will say "wow you have gotten bigger"... got to love that honesty.  Well the above picture is TERRIBLE but I don't want to take any more pics so we are just going to have to live with it... I have refused to buy maternity clothes so I am trying to wear what I have and this dress will never be worn again until I get back to my normal size.  And I am sure that is not what I look like in real life... wink wink wink.

Pierce's comments: Pierce is already planning his birthday party in Jan. and the other day when we were planning it he said he wanted to get Asher presents on his birthday so he would not feel left out.  
Pierce really loves his brother already there are many times in the day where Pierce will say "I love _____ (fill in the blank) but not more than Jesus, you mom, dad and baby Asher"

Movement:  You can tell Asher likes his food already... after I eat he is really active.  2 weeks ago I had a doctors appt and they did a contraction/movement exam where I had to lie down for 20 min while fixed to a fetal monitor and he was not moving that much... the doctor wanted to see more movement so she gave me some orange juice and I had to take another test for an hour (all with Pierce waiting... he was excellent).  Asher performed well and this past week I have to come back to do another scan and I prayed that the first one would go well and Asher would do his job.  Well God answered our prayers... he was a mad man and even kicked off the fetal monitor the nurse kept coming over to make sure everything was ok bc there was a lot of "racket" coming from the monitor.  So yes we have another active one.

Sweet Moment #1: Pierce always wakes up before me (he is often my alarm) and he will run in bed with me and cuddle until we are ready to get up for the day.  However these past couple of weeks I have caught him several times sitting in Asher's room in the rocking chair reading a book just chilling.  I had to take a picture of the moment to remember how Blake and I are not the only ones that anxiously await Asher's arrival.. someone is so excited.

Sweet Moment #2:  My parents get here tomorrow to spend this time with us... as we get ready to welcome Asher into the world and then when he comes.  What a blessing to have them here at this time.

Date of Arrival:  Still Aug. 4th and I am really praying hard that this date is the real one although Blake and the doctor are not really sure I can make it that long bc of how big Asher is already.  The doctor will let us know next Monday.  However I would like to wait until the 4th for 2 main reasons... 1)  To make sure the lungs are developed as much as possible (the actual due date is the 11th so the longer we wait the better) and 2) The 4th is a special date... Both Pierce and Blake were born on the 4th of different months and it would be special for all my boys to have that in common.

Here are some pics of our little man (with a really big body)

This ultrasound was taken on the 23rd of July (38 weeks) and he was measuring at 39 weeks and 8.1 lbs with a EDD on 27th of July.

This ultrasound was taken on the 16th of July (37 weeks)  and he was measuring at 37/38 weeks and 7.5 lbs with an EDD on 27th of July.

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Renee Westcott said...

You look fantastic! I can't wait to hear the news he's HERE!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Yeah for baby Asher! Can't wait for him to be here!


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