Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random fun at Home...

Don't you just love to stay at home some days... and just play, relax, read and enjoy being home.  Now that the summer has started for us we are getting to do that some... the days we stay with busy with friends is so much fun but I always say after that day is over... tomorrow lets just stay home and enjoy each other... put on a movie, do a puzzle, do a craft and just love being with each other.  Today is one of those days with the rain outside, chai tea on the stove, Pierce happy to be home... life could only be better if Daddy did not have to to work today.

Here are some pics of some random fun at home... we are so thankful to have a great house that feels like a home.

One day Pierce just wanted to cuddle on the couch with his handmade blanket from Auntie Elly and Uncle Keith...

One day I got busted for putting my feet up on the couch a little to long... Pierce got a picture of baby Asher...

Friday in our house is known as Jacuzzi Friday... so every Friday night Pierce gets a jacuzzi bath... just yesterday (wed) Pierce was asking is today Friday... we know why.

I love to wake up in the morning and my son is sitting beside me being really quiet and waiting patiently for me to wake up... this morning in particular... he was reading the newspaper.

We love to fill our days with crafts as well... and this one is a very special craft that we get to play with every day... did you ever make a countdown chain (counting down to something really exciting).  This was Pierce's first experience to do so and we had a lot of exciting days coming up so we had a lot of chains to make.  We took blue and green paper to make the chain and the on the special days we used red (special days: Daddy comes home from Singapore, last day of school/summer begins, ViVi and Grandad get here, Asher's arrival).  So much fun watching the chain get shorter and shorter.

Pierce drew on the red links to make sure he would remember why that day was special.  This was the last day of school picture... on the left is his school (in a house) and on the right is his home (high rise condo)... so cute.

And then a picture of baby Asher... already lying down on his blanket.

Pretty long chain and since I am behind on blogging about this... we have already reached two red links and now we are patiently awaiting the arrival of ViVi and Grandad (the next red link)... Yeah.

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Jones Family said...

OK...we all knew this but now it's exceptionally are the cutest mom ever! The paper chains??? FABULOUS IDEA! I have to copy! I can think of great red ones...YEAH! Thanks, Mille! I love you!


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