Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TAMU Bowl Game!

While we were home for the holidays we got to go the TAMU bowl game in Houston... oh what a treat and I think my husband planned it that way.  And a bigger treat was we got to take Pierce with us and Uncle Keith was there too.. wow what a great day... I can't remember the last time we went to a Football game and I think this was Pierce first football game... so we got decked out in our maroon and white and off we went hoping that we were going to win.

Two happy boys.... Gig'em Aggies (thank you Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW for the tickets).

Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW also got this t-shirt for Pierce that said "you call it a mascot and we call it hamburger meat"... on our walk to the stadium we got lots of laughs about his shirts... so cute.

We made it to our awesome seats... and we were ready to go... 

Even had the towels and everything... here Pierce is learning how to spin them... 

 A few minutes into the game Pierce wanted the itouch... how disappointing... he was soon back into the game.

Shouldn't everyone have cotton candy at the game.. to keep his eyes on the game (or the crowd) we told him he could have cotton candy if he found the guy selling it... he would spot someone all the way on the other side of the field.... but soon Uncle Keith went to get him soon... so sweet.

Happy faces = we won... 

Oh what fun.... and with football season right around the corner we sure wish we could do it again.

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