Saturday, June 30, 2012

Love from Jeon Ha Church...

Our new church here in Ulsan, Jeon Ha English Worship wanted to love on us in a special way during this time and throw us a baby shower.  Since we have only been here a couple of weeks we were very touched and blessed by the gesture but asked for no gifts.  I did say that it would be really kind if everyone wrote a prayer for Asher on an index card so we could use them to pray over Asher when he arrives.  My dear friends back in Texas did this for us when Pierce was born and I still remember countless sleepless nights as I would rock him to sleep or try to get him settled and I would grab the cards and read them over him and I am so excited that we get to do this for Asher as well.

Here is our gang... during the fellowship time at church (aka Baby shower)... we even had a delicious really cute cake.

This next picture is all I got of the pastor (who is on the left) and Karen (the hostess)

The Jeon Ha English Worship Gang...a great group of people and so very kind.

Pierce and his buddy JC enjoying some cake.

We had said no gifts... but they did not listen... we are truly blessed.... and do you see all the prayer cards... can't wait to pray them over Asher.  Thank you Jeon Ha Church for everything and your special way of loving on us during this time and really helping us transition here in Ulsan, Korea.

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Denton Family said...

You are blessed but then again, you bless so many others.

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

How sweet and thoughtful of your new church home :)

Jones Family said...

I am not shocked in the least that you met so many wonderful people to love you so quickly, woman. You and your family just scream unconditional love!!!! That's why you and I could be such close friends....even though religious beliefs are different, our core values are not so you much


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