Sunday, June 17, 2012

First day of new school... EYC - Hyundai Foreign School

When we visited Korea in Feb. we got to see Pierce's school... Hyundai Foreign School on the Foreigners Compound.... which happens to be the only English speaking school in town.  Since our choices were slim nothing we were praying that the visit would be a good one and that we would fall in love with the school.  Well we did just that.  We met the principal and walked around the big (really small in size but grades Year 1 - Year 7) school and loved what we heard and saw.  Pierce will be old enough to start Year 1 (Kindergarten in our American terminology) this fall but after talking with the principal he strongly suggested that we start school when we first arrive in Korea before summer.  That way he will be on the small campus (a small 2 story house just up the road) where he could meet his new friends and then start at the big campus in the fall.  After hearing this we thought that was a great idea and it sure was.  We arrived in Korea and 1 week later Pierce started his new school... not on the big campus but the small one which they call EYC - Early Years Center (where he is the big kid on campus).

Here are some pics of his first day... he was so excited to meet his teacher and his new friends.  He had lots of questions and I was not sure of all the answers but I promised I would stay with him the first day (half a day) and we would get the answers together.  So off we go.  Look at this smile...

Waiting for this elevator outside our condo... still excited...

We have arrived to the EYC... see the house in the background that is the school.  There are 12 or so children in his class from all over the world.  After talking with his new teacher she said that 80% of the kids are learning English (which is their second language).

Walking to school... he was being patient to stop and take pics... he was ready to go.

Once inside the kids are asked to put up their lunch in a bucket, their 2 snacks (am and pm) in a bucket, put their hat in a box, water bottle goes in a bucket, any homework and paperwork and finally backpack on the hook... they definitely have a routine.

Here Pierce is meeting his new best friend Bodhi from Aussie Land... they were instant friends...

The first day was such a success that we were only suppose to have lunch with his new friends and stay a little while and then go home... and then Pierce would start on his own the following day.  I stayed for lunch and we went upstairs for art and building and then I asked Pierce are you ready to go home and he said "NO WAY and that he wanted to stay with his friends at school".  So I asked the teacher and she said that would be great... so he stayed and I picked him up 2 hours later.  He was happy to run to my car and tell me all about his day.  He said his favorite thing about his day was that they did not have to take a nap and they got to play on the playground.

Ever since the first day we have had a lot of great days... and Pierce loves going to school (Yippee) and always has great things to say.  His teacher is a joy and seems to really enjoy Pierce and all his enthusiasm.  Pierce has been in school now for three weeks and we have many activities to share with you from school... and tomorrow he will visit Year 1 for a half a day (kindergarten) for a trial run.  They want the kids all the experience a half a day of what next year will look like... they are really organized and thoughtful about all the changes the kids will experience soon.  So more to come on that... praying it will go well and praying that the teacher is a good fit for Pierce.

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Denton Family said...

I think our grandkids have the Lauren phobia...FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This was announced at the rehearsal dinner party about Lauren.

Dave and Lisa said...

Camille! First I have to apologize for not visiting your blog in so long. Good grief I missed some big news! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so thrilled to hear you are pregnant! Please forgive me for not staying up to date. And wow, now you are in Korea! Amazing. God bless you and your growing family!


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