Saturday, June 16, 2012

Random moments at home...

Here are some random moments at home that are worth sharing... God sure has been so gracious in this season of our lives while relocating to Korea.  There are many times in the day where He shows me just how amazing He is... and that no matter where we go He is there.  It is in Pierce's smile just at the right moment, the way we get to spend more time with Daddy and friendships that have already been created here... Thank you God for taking care of us and showing us little glimpses of just how in control you are.

Pierce loves that the oven is on the "bottom" so he can kneel in front of it and watch his dinner.  This kid must be growing... he is eating, eating, eating.  He will finish a huge lunch or dinner and say he is done and then 30 min. later want a snack... we can't keep up and he is only 5.

Here is that smile I was talking about... and I recently put out a survey to the family whether or not we should cut Pierce's hair... our house is divided but the family was pretty much unanimous... they all said cut it but I can always count on my friends most of them say "let him have it while he can".

And I am actually enjoying cooking... this is not a great picture (nothing I would post on pinterest or anything) but one night we had fish taco's with homemade cilantro/garlic dressing, black beans, fresh garlic and jalapenos... even Blake seemed to enjoy them... I do feel like I am constantly in the kitchen trying to keep up with feeding Pierce breakfast before school (we actually have time for a hot breakfast), then packing his lunch and 2 snacks for his day at school and then dinner for all (and left overs go with Daddy for lunch).  I hope I can keep up the madness... but so far it is going well (my mom would be so proud).

One night Blake and I were sitting in our living room and we heard some fireworks.. we looked out the window and yes it was fireworks... we got a great 5-7 min show... not sure what they were celebrating but it was a great treat from the couch.

Yeah... our Texas shipment has arrived... and we have all had fun unpacking, seeing all the treasures, cleaning the toys and doing laundry... but most of all Pierce has enjoyed playing with all his old toys and he reminds me all the time that he is happy to share with Asher.... we shall see...

This is my favorite moment in the past few weeks for sure... I had placed the laundry basket in the middle of our room so I would remember that I needed to do it today (it was getting a little overloaded).  I heard Pierce grab the laundry basket after school one day and pull it into the laundry room... and then I heard him humming... I peeked inside and he was sorting.  He saw me and said see mom I know the lights go in the lights hamper and the darks go in the dark.  I grabbed my camera and he was happy to smile.  I did not even have to ask him to do this (nor have I)... I recently taught him how to take his clothes off and put them directly into the right pile (light/dark) and this must have sparked a fire.  I am so thankful... my cup runneth over with this one... I love this little boy.

And here is a sneak peek of the nursery... a little tease to leave you with... more to come and it sure has been fun setting it up.  The bed and bedding was used for Pierce when he was little, it sure has been fun setting it up again.  And thanks to my sweet Grandma (great mama) the room was all pulled together with her sweet hand-made afghan for Asher that matches perfectly (it is draped over the chair).  Thank you Grandma... you are always so thoughtful.

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Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Love all the little moments! The nursery is darling!


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