Sunday, June 24, 2012

First packages of Love...

Our First packages of Love... it always make for a great day when the post man has something for us from friends and family.  Our address in Korea is different than any we have ever had (no zip code just for an example) so every time we give our address we are always interested to see how it works out... so far so good.  Thanks to you guys for loving on us in this way... look at these smiles from one little boy... He loves to get your love.

Our first package came from ICS (Pierce old school in Singapore).  His teacher put together a box of some old papers, art, his yearbook, a gift and some scholastic books.  So fun to open.

His old class had signed his yearbook... thank you Ms. Wong... this will be something we treasure always.

We got some love from Grandma and Grandpa... thanks for the crystal light and coloring book.  The package had Pierce's name on it so he thinks everything inside is for him... we had to run to the kitchen and make some cherry crystal light.... when I have some he says "you can have some of my juice"... 

Some love from Dallas... The Getty's we are so thankful for you.  Linda and Fuzz have been close friends of the Denton family for a long long time and Linda makes cute baby stuff... They sent a lovie for Asher and a pillow case for Pierce... so cute... 

He sleeps with it every night... as I am sure Asher will too.

Thanks for all the love and gifts... we appreciate you more than you will ever know and if you need anything from Korea (like Kimchi) let me know... Love Love

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