Monday, June 11, 2012

Ulsan's Spring Festival (part 1)... our first weekend!

Our first weekend in Ulsan... was the Spring Festival... we got our yellow shirts (we were on the yellow team) from Blake's office and we were ready for a day of much fun.  They had lots of things planned for the day... games, jumping castles, food, coffee, races and more... come and check out our day it was a blast and great first weekend.

Here are my boys at the entrance... There were four teams... and not really for sure what made up the teams but I think it was various shipyards or departments within the shipyards against one another.

At the beginning of the festival were some traditional Korean dancers... 

But Pierce could not be bothered... he hit the jumping castles first thing.

Here is the field where the festival took place... a great huge soccer field really close to our home.

After the dancing there were some fireworks/streamers... we were really close to these things and since we don't understand Korean we had no idea it was about to happen... I think we all jumped.

Did I mention we were really close... here is the aftermath...

Blake has a co-worker that has children around Pierce's age and they have been counting down until our arrival.  Pierce and JC were instant buddies and were inseparable.  Here they are meeting some new people.

Let the games begin... Here Pierce is lined up ready to play....

Pierce is in the yellow shirt and blue hat... 

I was a proud mom on the side lines yelling and snapping the camera.. but then I was grossed out by the last stage of the race.  When all the kids had to get a cookie off a community plate with their mouth... yuck... but Pierce had no problems diving right in.

At the end of race all the kids got a water gun... oh boy Pierce was ecstatic.

Some left over powder from the cookie.

There are a lot more games to be played (even daddy was in a tug of war and three legged race)... come back for more tomorrow...

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Jones Family said...

I'm with place, EWWW. But looks like he had a blast!


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