Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother's Day Mandarin Concert... at ICS!

Pierce had a Mother's Day Mandarin Performance his last week of school... Blake was not able to be there since he was already in Korea but we both are so proud of him.  He knows more Mandarin than both Blake and I put together... and really enjoys singing (and dancing)... so this was perfect he would come home and practice for this show all the time.  He did a great job and really seemed to be into this year... We sure will miss opportunities like this in Singapore and to see him with all his classmates.

One little Indian...

Jesus Loves ME.
This is Pierce's first performance where he seemed really to be into all the songs and we are so proud...
QUACK QUACK... mandarin style. We are so thankful that Pierce had this time at ICS learning Mandarin... we are trying to keep him counting in Mandarin everyday and show him these videos to keep up the singing... we just don't want him to loose it... his Mandarin teach would appreciate that :-).

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