Thursday, June 21, 2012

First week at school...

You got to see Pierce's new school and many of you are asking how is it going... the answer is GREAT.  Pierce loves his new school, loves his teacher and assistant teacher and his new friends.  He comes home everyday worn out but happy.  I always ask him what he did that day and he says we played... but throughout the week I see and hear that he is learning too but his teacher makes it so much fun that he only answers we played... he is always happy to report that they play outside 3 times per day and there is no nap and they are allowed to talk at lunch... the little things...

At his new school his class has homework, this is Pierce's first time to have homework and boy was he excited.  He gets homework on Monday and it is not due until Friday but most every week he wants to do the homework that Monday night.  The first group of photos is him doing his first homework ever... and it won't be his last.

He also loves art class... they do stuff every week that they get to bring home.  The picture below is his dream home... an army station of course.  There were instructed to draw a picture of their dream house and he drew a police station bc I think someone else did that too but when they were asked to build it he changed it to an army station.

Another great surprise and huge BLESSING is that we found out that the school has a "Cool Club" on Wed, which is their half day at school.  The Cool Club is just like Sunday school which is help on campus but after school and done by a teacher there.  They spend an hour learning stories about God and Jesus, sing songs and then do a craft.  We were thrilled when we found out that this was available since Pierce came from a Christian school we really were sad that miss that part of school in Korea but God once again has answered our prayers.  His first week at Cool Club he made this prayer sheet... and he wanted to pray this prayer every night for days... and it now sitting in our kitchen to remind us that God will take care of all our needs and answer prayers. 

Friday of his first week Pierce came home with this aware... This week's happy Award... and yes he is... happy to be here in Korea and the Hyundai Foreign School and so are we... 

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