Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last time to "Kook with Kay"

OK... walk with me as we go back in time... back to Singapore... my last time to "Kook with Kay"... yes most of you just fell out of your chair when I say I took a cooking class... but don't get up yet bc I took a lot of cooking classes... at first it was more of a social thing and then it turned out that I actually enjoyed chopping, stirring, learning, mixing and eating the yummy food that we made.

Here are some pics of our last time together... which was held at GiGi's... a great day for sure and some great food... and the best thing is I have tons of recipes now of asian cuisine... just not sure if I can make most of it without at least 8 other hands helping me.

Can you imagine getting all these supplies for one meal... wow wee...

A sweet lady for sure... and if anyone wants information about how to get into one of Kay's cooking classes... leave me a message... she is amazing and it is so much fun.

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