Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clean Pearly Whites...Pierce's first dentist appt.

Pierce had his first experience at the dentist (I absolutely dread my dentist appts... but Pierce was rather excited bc he knew he got to watch TV.)... I have been wanting to take Pierce to the dentist since he turned 2 just to have a cleaning and make sure everything looked good (I was 9 the first time I went and had 9 cavities... so I thought the sooner the better for Pierce). Well we had not made it around to making an appt. until one day I bought a big jug of Cranberry/Black Currant Juice for Pierce and he drank on it for over a week. I noticed when we were done with the juice his 4 front teeth looked stained. I started asking around and other moms asked me if had been drinking black currant juice... I had no idea that is why they called it black currant... it is bc it will make your teeth black... so I made the appt for a cleaning.

Pierce was so excited to sit in the big boy chair with all the cool things to touch.

Here is the dentist showing him how they are going to clean his teeth... they spoke English and were really gentle with Pierce...they had a movie playing the whole time... he loved it.

Believe it or not... Pierce sat there the entire time while they cleaned ALL of his teeth (still lacking the 4 two year old molars).

And can you believe his teeth came out so white... he will not be getting Blake currant juice for a long time.
The funny thing about our visit was that Pierce has yet to learn how to spit... when we brush his teeth we still use the toothpaste that you can swallow... so when he had all that grit in his mouth (the cleaning agent) the Dr. wanted him to spit so I first showed him how to do it and then he hoisted himself up over the drain, took a sip, swallowed, leaned over and made a spitting noise... and he was so proud of himself... the dentist then told me he would not use so much cleaning agent next time but to work on spitting... so now we have homework... never thought I had to teach my boy how to spit....


Corrie said...

Timely post... one of the things on my to-do list this week is to get Sophie a dental appointment. She's never been and I'm dreading it. I had quite a mouthful of cavities when I was little; hopefully she won't. And hopefully she'll do as well as Pierce did! How awesome that he was so easygoing about it! Good luck with the spitting!

da momma said...

i cannot believe he sat there so still! I had to pin ELijah down backwards from my lap and hold him down while they just brushed hus teeth! Great pics!!

The Westcott's said...

That's so funny...you have to teach him how to spit! Great job Pierce.

Thornton family said...

I am really impressed! Great job Pierce! Also, good to know about the juice - you learn something new every day!


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