Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Inflatable Zone with Madison!

This was our second time ever to Inflatable Zone in Katy, TX but this time Pierce made a huge improvement in his ability to master the big slide. We meet up with Madison and Mandy for a morning "jumpathon". It did not take long for Pierce to leave my side and climb the big slide (he would not do this by himself in Nov.)...check that out.

This is how proud he was at the very top... he had mastered the climb.

It looked like he was going to attempt to go down by himself on his belly but I could tell he was not sure... do you think he did it?

NOPE... Mandy came to the rescue and took him down... he was having a blast.

Then we went climbing around and of course I had to get in there with him and take some pictures... he had so much fun.

Then "hi-yawed" everything in site... this was his punching bag... if you have seen Kung Fu Panda you know what I am talking about.

Then he wanted to climb up the smaller slide... why does every kid want to do this... he could not do this in Nov... and he made it to the top several times this time.

Look at these two... are they just not so cute? Pierce and Madison are almost exactly one year apart and Madison is tall for her age... but check out this beast Pierce... he is humongous (is that even a word?)

Right before we left... he wanted to do it again... he made the climb by himself... do you think he made the slide down by himself?

HE DID.... yipppeeee... I was one proud mommy.... good job baby!


Meri said...

Hi Camille and Blake~
I found your blog through Brad's blog. He is friends with some of our friends at church. Pierce is such a cutie! Y'all let us know when you are in Plano and we can get the boys together. Check out our blog at linscombfamily.blogspot.com to see Jackson. I need to update it, but it has been crazy as usual. I hope all is well for your family and will talk to you soon!
Meri Linscomb
(Blake's friend from high school)

Shelly said...

What a cool place! That looks like it's right up PD Bird's alley! I don't know if I'm ready for all the "Hi-Yah"ing. You may have to counsel me through it. :-) Can't wait!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

That looks awesome, they should make places like that for grown ups - I would totally go play there!


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