Thursday, March 5, 2009

Leaving Houston and flight home to Singapore

Our last bath in Houston we had to say goodbye to Pierce's best friend/cousin Grace... we thought there for awhile Grace was going to take a bath with Pierce. This was them giving each other kisses... they really miss each other.

We got to the airport around 2pm and our flight was at 4:50 so we had lot of time to spare. But when we first got there Pierce got his pants wet so in hopes that he did not have wet pants when we got on the plane I let him run around with just his diaper (I know... I know and yes my husband is having a heart attack right about now)... I thought this was a cute picture... he just loves planes he could watch them all day long.

On a side note you should have seen all the looks we got bc I had a 2 year old (that looks like he is 3) running around the airport in his diapers... some had a look of laughter and some looked appalled.

Farewell Texas...we miss you.
Aunt JuJu was flying out the same day just a little later with Uncle Keith so she was gracious enough to come with us to the airport and see us off. It was so good to get to hang with her for those last couple of hours in Texas and to have another set of hands through check in, baggage handling, securty, etc. Thank you Aunt JuJu for all of your help.

Ok... so alot of you have asked how the flight went... it was much better than most of the others (especially the ones where we were by ourselves). Both legs we got an extra seat next to us. We were suppose to get bulk head but they were making a big stink bc supposedly we were not suppose to have a car seat in bulk head (but this was not our first rodeo and we have had a car seat in bulk head 4 other times... but oh well). They moved us but I told them that there is not much room with the car seat and him (being as big as he is) so the person in front of us was about to get a massage for 21 hours. They were gracious enough to work with us and get a prime seat where we had a seat open next to us. Well I was very anxious about it but it all worked out... The first leg was around 11 hours and Pierce slept 4 of those hours. It was recommended to me that I give him Dramamine for the flight so he would sleep longer and sure enough you can give Dramamine to children over 2 so I did and it worked... he slept 4 hours consecutively... yipppeee... with the extra seat he was able to stretch out and sleep (see picture above I had to make a tent bc the people in front of us left the overhead light on the entire time and I was trying to make it a little darker for him to sleep)... this was key. We landed in Russia with energy and we were able to run around for about an hour and Pierce did very well. We got back on the plane and still had the extra seat next to us (other than the Russian party in the back of the plane (lot of alcohol and noise) we had a great flight)... this leg was around 9 hours and Pierce slept 5 of it... the last 3 hours were a bit challenging but we made it and landed with smiles.
We are so thankful that flight went well and we are back here safe and sound... thanks again to all who were praying for us... we miss you already.


Shelly said...

That is a great report! Glad things went so well. I also just skimmed your birthday blog to little romantic poet, you! What sweet words.

Shelly said...

Oh yeah...and the first thing on your to-do list when you get back to the states is GET THAT BOY A PUPPY! That picture of him kissing that dog is so stinking sweet. Every little boy needs a dog. At least that will be the argument when pleading my case to Matt for little Ray-Jay. :-)

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Wow what a blessing to have an extra seat next to you open. I always fly to Singapore going West through LA, is it faster going East?

And I agree with Shelly, you gotta get that boy a pup when you get home.

Blake and Kendell said...

Aunt JuJu!! Y'all are so cute!!


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