Monday, March 9, 2009

Helping hands... and a boy in a box!

Last Friday we went to the store and got a box... it had a bookshelf inside (of course in pieces) but Pierce liked the box the best... Why is it they can play in boxes for hours (you have got to see the video below).

After he was done playing he helped me build the bookshelf. I decided that building a bookshelf was the last thing that Blake would want to do when he got home from working for 12 hours so we attempted to do it without him. To be honest I only had to take out 2 screws to fix a minor problem once... we did a good job (or at minimum the bookshelf serves it purpose now). Pierce was such a good helper I might have to get him his first tool box, he loves tools.

Here Pierce is playing in the box... he wanted the doors closed and then he would pop out and this time I caught it on camera he did not know I had the camera or he would not of done it... why is that?

Here is the finished product... I love having a place for all of his toys and books now in the living room.


Blake and Kendell said...

i like the bookshelf! Pierce is so cute!!! i have to lay flat for 24 hrs since the spinal tap ugh

aggiejenn@reflectinghim said...

What a helper! The shelf looks great. :-) Can't wait to hang out in a couple of months.


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