Wednesday, March 4, 2009

With a Heavy Heart....

I know that alot of you have been praying for the Wims family particularly for Brads healing but I wanted to beg for your prayers one more time for the Wims family. I just got an email from a friend from college in which she informed me that Brad Wims passed away on March 2nd due to his fight from cancer. Please visit the Wims blog and leave your prayer, supporting words and/or virtual hug... Brad was an amazing man and by the way his wife talks of him an amazing husband and father.

Heavenly Father,

It is hard but bc we believe in a home in heaven we do rejoice that Brad, a true servant that once brought laughter to so many of us here on earth, is bringing laughter and joy to you in Heaven today... but with a heavy heart you know of all the people here on earth who are grieving and have so many questions and long for answers. I pray that you give them the strength and the promise of peace that surpasses all understanding. A special prayer for his wife and children as they now live with a void that only you can fill. You promise a plan and we beg that you let it shine during this time, a time when it feels impossible to face tomorrow.

On my knees....

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Dave and Lisa said...

This is a beautiful prayer. I pray that Jenny and the kids are just resting in the arms of the Savior. I can't imagine how much pain they are feeling.


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