Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to my main squeeze!

My Handsome Price turned 30 today... the below picture is of him a few years ago (not sure how old he was here).

Happy Birthday Baby... 30 things that I love about you and ways I could describe you:
1) Respectful to women - The first time I meet you, you were wearing a hat and you took it off before you reached your hand out to shake mine.
2) Devoted - Your family comes first... when we first met I could tell that you family was a key part in your life and they meant the world to you.
3) Caring - When your sister lost her first husband to cancer you moved in with her just to be there with her.
4) Loving - People speak of that special moment when a dad looks at his daughter for the first time but I am not sure how different it would look than when you first looked at your son... I knew you would love him forever.
5) Admirable - Among all the people I know your ethics and morals inside and outside of the office are admired by many.
6) Patient - ALL the times I have been "moody" with you, you will come to me and ask for peace and for us to talk about it.
7) Faithful - I know I can always trust you with my heart, body and soul when I am at home or across the world.
8) Christ Centered - Since I have known you you have always loved the Lord and put Christ first.
9) Funny - There are times when I am the only who gets your jokes but I will always think you are funny... and I will always laugh (hopefully :-))
10) Charismatic - People say your son got his charisma from me and I just tell them they must have not meet you yet.
11) Energetic - Even when chilling out on the couch there is always a limb that has to be shaking/bouncing/twitching.
12) Dog lover - The love that you had for Lady will always amaze me... I hope that Pierce will have that connection with a dog someday.
13) Handy - This could mean many thing but here I will safely talk about how good you are with you hands at fixing things... I love that I can always count on you to fix things around the house.
14) Honest - When we first started dating I don't remember the question I asked you but I tried to get you to pinkie promise (double promise) and you said you did not need to and that your promise was a promise and would never be a lie.
15) Giving - You have never considered your money yours... you would give someone or something every cent you had if they needed it... You know how much this means to me.
16) Self Sacrificing - Just the fact that we are here in Singapore to fulfill a commitment that you made many years ago to complete a project (knowing that we did not need to come here) and hold true to your word and to sacrifice the enjoyment that I know that you would have back home working with your company and living in Houston.
17) Dependable - If you say you are going to be somewhere you will be there 10 minutes early.
18) Lovable - It is very easy to Love you.
19) Godly - Your word is your word... if you give someone your word they have it for life.
20) Entertaining - Your always the life of the party... you always want others to have a good time.
21) Understanding - When we have something to discuss and when we might not agree you are always first to try to understand my point and listen.
22) Respectable - I could ask any man you work with if they respect you and hands down the answer would be YES... I hear it all the time.
23) Provider - You long to do nothing more than to provide for your family. I see how hard you word during the day and NIGHT to make sure you are providing for this family.
24) Scholastic - Different from me (where I do not want to enter another classroom in my life) when I ask you if you could go back to school what would you do you name off like 5 different degrees... wow
25) Committed - You have life long friends... we will run into someone or hear from them and it is like you never stopped being friends... it is bc you didn't... like you treat our marriage you treat your friendships... you are committed for life.
26) A Man - You know when to speak up, you know when to listen and you know when to give to God... a true Man.
27) Aggie by heart - You bleed maroon and I fear the day Pierce wants to go someone other than good ol' aggieland.
28) Leader - You never follow just to follow, you learn the facts and make an eduction decision based on your beliefs.
29) Handsome - Of course I had to put this one in... lets face it your pretty hot... my handsome prince (this has been my "pet" name for him since day one.)
30) My best friend/soul mate/lover - How ever you want to put it... you are stuck with me forever and I know you would never want it any differently (nor would I)... I love you very much...
Ok... the crazy thing about this list is I never once had to stop and think about it... at first I thought wow 30 things can I do this (not bc of your lackings but bc of mine when it comes to writing)... but now that I am finished I know I could keep going and going... I guess I will just have to save them for when we celebrate 40...50...60...70...80...90.
I love you Handsome Prince... I stand in Awe that you are mine and I get to celebrate with you on your 30th... Happy 30th Birthday!


da momma said...

Beautiful words! Hid Mom and Dad must have done an amazing job! Cute picture!! Happy Birthday Blake!

Blake and Kendell said...

Happy birthday, Blake!!

Perks said...

o.k...that list has me crying! :) What sweet words. What a special man you have. I look forward to meeting him one day. Happy Birthday, Blake!

Jordan said...

Happy Birthday Blake! I too was tearing up! The love between y'all is so inspiring and up lifting. Hope the celebration is fun!

Corrie said...

How sweet! I liked #13 -- hee hee.

Corrie said...

Oh -- and that picture is hilarious! Happy birthday Blake!

Allison Volpe said...

Happy Birthday Blake!!! Kevin was thinking about you on your birthay!!! Hope it was a great one! It was so nice to see you all when you were in Texas:) Hope you are all doing well.

Allison & Kevin Volpe


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