Monday, March 23, 2009

Pierce's new school!

Pierce is going to a different school now... really close to his old one but we have a friend (in the condo) that goes to this one and now Pierce has a school mate that he can play with at school and at home... you will see more of this friend later... his name is ALEX. Our first day at school Alex was not there but I got to stay the whole day and interact with the other students and meet all the teachers. We went to the park all morning... it was loads of fun but really hot.

They got to play in the sand.

And the big kids were playing on the gym... and Pierce really wanted to get up high.

This is about as high as he got...

Pierce and his new buddies... if you are wondering Pierce will wear a uniform after his 2 weeks of trial.

Sitting and having a drink... I can't believe he actually sat there to have his water.

Then he wanted to sit with the big kids in the big circle.... so cute. We had so much fun meeting our new friends.


The Westcott's said...

How fun! How does the two week trial work? Does he have to behave, or is it for you to decide if you like the school? I bet they will never want to give him up!

Cassidy said...

Yes, it looks hot! Can't wait to read about his new advetures at his new school. That will be great having a buddy at school and home.


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