Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day, Happy Birthday Shelly and Welcome to our lives lil' Ray Jay!

Alot is going on today:

1. Happy St. Patrick's Day... wear your green... I forgot today at a MOPS meeting and missed out on a prize... bummer.

2. Happy Birthday Shelly - You are the sweetest friend ever and someone that is my hero daily... I love you dearly and wish I could hug your neck today...

3. The birth of Regan Joseph Kacsmaryk - Most of you know my best friend Shelly and her amazing story of being a wonderful mother and friend. So I humbly ask that you pray for her today... not only am I thankful for her birth 31 years ago today (thank you Rodney and Barbara) but she has graciously asked to share her birthday with her first son.

Reagan Joseph Kacsmaryk will be born today (his sonogram picture above was taken in Dec).

Shelly's first child Tyndale Grace is in Heaven with our Lord, her second child is Avery (which you have seen lots of pics of) and Regan will be #3. I do believe that our sweet little Tyndale is looking down from heaven rejoicing that her baby brother is soon to enter this world and get loved on by many.

Please pray for a safe delivery today for mom and baby for they are to start the induction process around 6am today. Shelly and Matt had their second baby Avery almost a year and half ago with zero complications and we are praying the same for baby Reagan Joseph.

See you soon little buddy... I love you so much already.


Lisa said...

You're such a sweet friend, C. Hope you guys have a happy St. Patty's.

The Westcott's said...

How exciting for Shelly! I bet by now she's well on her way to being a new momma all over again!

Jordan said...

Praying for a safe and happy delivery! Can't wait to see pictures of this precious family's addition!


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