Thursday, March 26, 2009

PLaYdaTe with Alex and water.

Last Friday we joined Alex and his mommy Lesley at the IMM building here in Singapore for a morning of fun with friends and lots of water. Alex is the reason that we choose the new school. He is our neighbor and a half year older than Pierce and they are buddies at school and home.

Running around.

Stopped for a little snack... Thanks to Lesley she brought snacks for all (I am a terrible mum)... Alex and Lesley are from England and we just have so much fun with them every time.

Alex had another (girl)friend that meet up with us there and her name was May... do you think the boys liked having her there?

Then it was just the two of them... holding hands.... so sweet.

Here is a pic of Alex climbing the wall (Pierce climbed this wall several time but I was to scared to let go of him to take a picture) and Lesley helping him up.

Trying to find the one drop of water in Singapore (or at least at the IMM building in Singapore).

I found the water.... yippppeeee.


Jeramy, Terrie, and Eli said...

Here is Laura's blog! Ben and Alex are her boys! Hopefully you guys can meet up! Take care!

Jordan said...

The water park makes me really excited for summer!

Rachel Kerbel said...

That is too cute with the little girl! is it really hot there? there is nothing better than watching your kids innocently play in the summer sun and water:) I guess that is why sun block is one of my favorite smells:)

Shelly said...

Okay, Pierce is GORGEOUS. And so big! He needs to quit growing soo fast. I'm really taking note of how big our babies are now that I've got my new little man. And I love you blog about Blake. Makes me want to do something romantic for my man! Time flies...

Anonymous said...

When did Pierce turn into a big boy? He looks so old(and cute) in these pictures! And it looks like he is having a great time!



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