Friday, March 13, 2009

Blake's Birthday!

Blake had a great birthday celebration... he was showered with love, gifts, friends, food and a great hotel. Blake got the regaine in the picture from me as a joke and if you remember we now have this tradition where Pierce picks out something in the store for his mom and dad on their birthday... well Pierce picked out the flashlight for his daddy.

Blake's actual birthday, we left Pierce at home and headed out for a couple's massage, steak at Clark Quay and Turkish ice cream (was like eating taffy) afterwards... we had a great time bringing in the 31st year.

Blake planned his own celebration and he wanted to go out with his friends (Frank and Blake in the picture above) on Saturday and get a hotel room with a comfortable bed... he searched everywhere and got some advice on where to stay so he booked the Intercontinental Hotel on Orchard... we had a great night with friends but the bed was not so good... I told him that I thought it was impossible to find a comfortable bed in Asia...better luck next time. Happy 30th Birthday Baby.

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Jacquie Von Hohn said...

What a fun birthday!


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