Monday, March 16, 2009

Clark Quay w/ friends and "football"!

On Saturday we went to Clark Quay with some friends... Here is Pierce (being shy) with his girlfriends Anna Sophie and Alberta.

After dinner we let the kids play in the fountains (again)... Pierce always has so much in the water...

Aren't they just so cute.... Jane and August (mom and brother or the girls) are still in Denmark... hurry back we miss you.

After playing the water and getting changed we headed to all the excitement. They were broadcasting the Manchester United (rated #1) and Liverpool (rated #2) football game in the center of Clark Quay. We had to check it out.

Check out this picture... these are the fans that are divided the blue rope... The underdog did win but we could not say to see all the excitement.

Thanks for hanging with us on Saturday night... it was so much fun...

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