Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A season of WAITING....

Have you ever found yourself in a season of WAITING?...

Waiting on the bus
Waiting for a letter
Waiting for dinner
Waiting for your check
Waiting for a call
Waiting on the dr.
Waiting on the diet to work
Waiting on the clock
Waiting for a taxi
Waiting on a date
Waiting to graduate
Waiting to get promoted
Waiting for peace
Waiting on forgiveness to set it
Waiting for it stop raining
Waiting for the worries/fears to subside

Waiting on the LORD... we are!
A season of Waiting!


da momma said...

sweet post. waiting for Jesus to return...Amen

Cassidy said...

The answer to that, is YES!

Blake and Kendell said...

I love this post- it is encouraging to me. We are definitely in a season of waiting. Thank you for sharing :)

Jordan said...

Yes Mam! We are definitely in a season of waiting here. Miss you!


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