Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Craft Ideas!

I went to MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) today and it was craft day... focused on Easter and the true meaning. We learned how to tell the story of Jesus with our kids through crafts... and here are some examples... I just thought these were so great I had to share and I hope that you find them just as great and have some fun with your kids.

The Jesus Carrot

Green is for palms that waved as Jesus entered Jerusalem
Orange is for the anger of the people that put Jesus to death
Brown is for the cross where Jesus died
Red is for the blood that Jesus shed for us
White is for how clean we are bc Jesus died and rose again to wash away our sins
Yellow is for the light brought to the world from the risen Christ
Blue is for the heaven above where Jesus is King

Ingredients needed:
Clear icing sleeve
Orange Ribbon
Green tissue (or something similar)
Assorted colored M&M's
White chocolate morsels

Jesus' life Bracelet

"Two thousand years ago, a STAR in Bethlehem guided THREE wise men carrying THREE presents for The KING of the earth, who had been born. He grew up, became a CARPENTER and a FISHER of men. He had TWELVE disciples to whom He preached the GOSPEL. Because of our SINS, He was CRUCIFIED, shedding His BLOOD for us. He ascended to HEAVEN, to the right side of The Father and sent The Holy Spirit to show us the way, and now He is waiting for you to give Him your HEART.

Ingredients needed:
Beads to represent the capital lettered words in the above script. Pay close attention to the number needed for each.
Thread for the bracelet band.

1. Three Coins - Matthew 26:14-15
2. Bread Cracker - Matt 26:18
3. Leather Strip - Matt 27:1-2
4. Square of Red Fabric & Crown of Thorns - Matt 27:28-30
5. A Cross - John 19:17
6. A Nail - John 19:18
7. One Die - Matt 27:35-36
8. Piece of Sponge - John 19:29-30
9. Two Fabric Strips - Matt 27:50, 51, & 54
10. Strip of White Cloth - Matt 27:58-60
11. A Stone - Matt 27:65-66
12. Empty Egg - Matt 28:6


Melanie said...

Thank you for sharing!! I couldn't make it this morning...Juliana was exhasuted. But glad you shared the info and I printed it all out to use!!!

Jordan said...

Those are great! I copied the recipe for the Jesus cookies the other day. Maybe next year Carter will be able to understand a little bit better! Happy Easter!!!

Bethany said...

Yeah! Thanks for the ideas, Camille!

Rachel Kerbel said...

so perfect-i love the bracelet! It would be a great intro into sharing the gospel with someone (even a complete stranger) who says 'oh I like your bracelet'.

Shabby Baker said...

Wow, pretty nice and they are all cute!. Love this featured Easter crafts for kids . Thanks for sharing. Me and my niece would definitely have lots of fun making these crafts.

Happy Easter!
Shabby xxx


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