Monday, April 13, 2009

What did the Easter Bunny leave for you?

Pierce was lying in bed with Daddy on Sunday morning when I brought him his Easter basket that the Easter bunny left for him... it was hard to find an Easter bunny here so most of what you are about to see was brought here in suitcases from America. (thank you Vivi and Grandad)

The Easter bunny knew that Pierce is really into bugs this year... go Easter Bunny.

He is starting to finally look at the camera... this is what I get... I will take it.

Could not wait to eat some candy before breakfast... oh what a sweet boy.

Ready to go to church... waiting on the Taxi.

Here is video of Pierce opening his basket of goodies and saying "Happy Easer"....
We had such a great Easter, getting to have a lazy morning before church, hearing a great sermon, taking a long nap, having some good food, dying some eggs(pics and video later) and just spending time with the three of us.


Shelly said...

How fun! I tried to put a bug in Avery's basket and she cried. BOO Easter Bunny! :-) It was pink, so I thought she would love it. Bad call. I'm glad you got some stuff for a basket. I've never considered that you wouldn't be able to find stuff there. That's crazy. And the pics of you guys from the last three years are soo cute. What a beautiful family! The first two year pics are soo similar that I was confused. You guys look the same...PD Bird is the only one who looks different. Even your clothes! I almost wore my Easter dress from last year, but it didn't look quite as good on me this year... :-( I'm working on that though. I'll e-mail you soon!

Thornton family said...

It looks like you all had a great Easter. I am glad to know that the Easter Bunny found you all in Singapore! Hope all is well.

Sheridan Leftwich said...

Ya'll look great! I always love to see everyone all dressed up for Easter! Happy Easter friend!

Jenn said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. I had seen white eggs, but where did you find the dye?


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