Thursday, April 9, 2009

Was there a bunny at school?

Yes and his name was Pierce and he did not care for his bunny ears.

I sent Pierce to school this past Wed. with 12 pair of bunny ears for all the children to take home. The teacher took some pics of the kids but I don't think Pierce was very keen on wearing them.

Here are some of his classmates with their ears.... what good sports.

And yes Pierce does wear a uniform but right before the moms come and pick up their kids, the teachers give the kids baths (bc there is no air con and they are sweaty) and dress them in new clothes... so these pics were taken right before I got there and before the other kids got their baths... I just thought that was ironic since I wrote about how much we wanted him to wear a uniform like the other kids... :-)


Lisa said...

I love the ears - what a clever mom! And I'm so glad we have air conditioning because I can't imagine giving all of my preschool kids a bath before they go home!

EDENS said...

i can't believe it is that hot and they don't have ac. that is crazy. Pierce looks so cute with all of his friends.

Jones Family said...

Too Cute! Baths for every! Way to go with the bunny ears.


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