Saturday, April 18, 2009

A hot day at the Zoo with Alex.

Monday Pierce's school was closed so Leslie and I packed up the kids and headed to the zoo here in Singapore... it is the most amazing zoo I have ever seen... it has a open concept and tons of things to do for the kids.

We were greeted at the main entrance by these monkeys... making lots of noises and playing around.

First we headed to the Rain Forest show to catch the action.

Here are the boys waiting for the show... I just think it is so cute how Pierce crosses his arm when he is trying to be patient.

Lesley and sweet Alex.

At the end of the show they brought out this guy... pretty cool costume... but looks to hot.
After the show we were approached by these two girls to take a picture with Pierce and Alex... Alex did not want anything of it but Pierce thought he could smile one more time (although he does look a little timid here)... this is very common in Asia... they just love Blond Hair blue eyed kids... alot of various families in Asia have pictures of Pierce in their photo albums.
We had to get a closer look... I like this picture too bc it shows how sweet my friend Lesley is to Pierce... she really is a sweet lady and a great mom.

After watching the show we headed to the water park that the zoo has... it is amazing and free once you get in the zoo.

Check this place out... isn't that cool.

Pierce thought it was pretty cool too.

After several attempts we tried to get the boys to slide down the slide together... one on one side and the other on the other... they both wanted to go down the same one... after several attempts this is as good as we could get... why do we do this to our kids...
After we got them dried off and had lunch we headed to see more animals... we are way past Pierce nap time but he is trying to work his little self out of taking naps so I thought I would let him enjoy his day and continue to play with Alex... so off we went to find some turtles...
We even got to feed some of them... they were huge but friendly and love apples.

The Keeper told us that we could get a picture up close and personal to this one... Pierce ran over there and threw his arm around her neck like he was putting her in a head lock... he is just not scared of anything... and she did not seem to mind.



Corrie said...

That tortoise looks fake! What a brave little dude -- and a brave momma too! That's an awesome zoo. When we go to the zoo here the kids are bored after like 15 minutes.

That's funny about people wanting their picture made with Pierce. I remember on AFCO random people would jump into pictures with us and if they had their camera with them, they'd ask for us to get in their pictures too. So funny.

Perks said...

That is such a cool zoo. I think my kids would be scared to death though! I love the idea of the water park, too, to cool down.

I love the arm crossing picture. how cute is that?

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

What an amazing zoo! The pic with the giant turtle is too cool...what a fun day!

da momma said...

how fun!!

Jordan said...

What a fun day/outting! Great zoo.

Jones Family said...

LOL! You go, Brave Pierce! Okay...Pierce being in so many Asian albumns...I love it! He's clearly gorgeous and has Hollywood written all over him. What foreshadowing, Mom!
Love the pic of him on the green slide. Excellent shot! And I'll tell you why we do this to our kids....because we've earned the right!!!!!!! Love you, T

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

Wow! How fun!! And what a great water park at the zoo. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure that turtle was fake! Pierce is truly fearless. :)
Love y'all - Elysse

Shelly said...

My mouth is literally open right now...jaw on the floor. I can't believe that thing was real. How stinking cool!

Dave and Lisa said...

I loved this post! Looks like you all had a blast! You are such a great mommy, and I'm glad you have other great mommies to hang out with. If I could get there Sam and I would love to go to the zoo with you guys! :-)


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