Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Year down!

On April 10th, we, The Denton Clan completed our first year in Singapore. The actual day was an ordinary one but the date is monumental for us. Last Year at this time we found ourselves with lots of doubts, concerns, worries and just a fear for living somewhere other than Texas but this year we find ourselves ready for more. Although change is hard we have learned that their is usually a Blessing behind the change and we look forward to the next year here or wherever God leads us. Singapore has really grown on us and we are so thankful for our new home here.
25 things we did this year:
1) Pierce's first international travel at 15 months
2) visited Bintan, Indonesia
3) visited Phuket, Thailand (twice)
4) 1st time to receive care packages since college
5) getting to stay home and watch Pierce grow into a wonderful little boy (little is relative)
6) got to spend one on one time with parents and in laws for along duration of time. Something that we would not have been able to do in the states.
7) went to Texas as a visitor
8) made new lasting friendships from around the world
9) learned how to blog
10) eaten some good international food
11) gained lbs from that good international food
12) learned about new ways of giving internationally
13) got a new home church
14) Blake has lost some hair (HE HE HE)
15) Pierce has gained some hair
16) Learned to say a few words in Thai and Chinese
17) visited various temples, mosques and shrines
18) got to experience summer all year long
19) got rained on while wearing a white dress
20) watch Pierce interact with children who spoke a different language
21) strengthened relationships back home
22) growing closer as a family, since we are are only family here
23) learning new holidays around the world
24) seeing how the American economy affects the whole world
25) finding GOD in a foreign country

Pierce on the 1st day in Singapore
Pierce on our 1 year anniversary


da momma said...

wow! fun post! proud of you guys!! What a fun expierence! hugs, big hugs!

Kris-OD said...

Gosh, Pierce looks like a little man. He has gotten so big. I hope all is well, and that you had a great Easter!

The Westcott's said...

Ahhh...rained on in a white dress! That's a good one! #26) being desperately missed by friends in Texas!

Shelly said...

HE IS SOOOOO BIG! Is he wearing a belt in that pic??? He looks like a little man! Stop it, Pierce! He is so handsome. I'm glad that you have enjoyed your time there. I have probably gotten to see you more since you have been in Singapore too. That's the irony. It's great that you are acknowledging God's blessings in that uncertain time of your life. And those fish don't look all that small... I soo want to get one of those...

Jordan said...

Dang! he has grown!! I can also tell that you have grown spiritually and personally since you've been there.

There is a small chance that Brody's job may lead him to Guam for a short time so I really hope it would overlap with y'alls time in Singapore... They're not that far apart really, as compared to the distance from the US of course. (that was one thing I checked on as soon as he told me hehe) I'll keep you posted as it has not even formally materialized yet. Miss you!

Rachel Kerbel said...

congrats on 1 year! time really does fly-it is so cool to see (in pictures) how you guys have grown in so many ways and become more confident. Thanks for being an encouragement for others (me) to face our fears and know that God will be there with us through it all!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Wow a year already! Even though you're having so much fun there, come home soon - we miss you here!

Cassidy said...

Happy One Yeart Anniversary!


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