Monday, April 27, 2009

Camillopatra and Blake Anthony!

OK... you asked for more so here you go... I was online one night and saw that there was going to be a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater on Saturday night (with optional "Hollywood" dress)... you know I could not pass up the opportunity so I emailed our friends in hope to get a big group and sure enough... all 12 of us had a blast and everyone dressed up. Here is our Monterey Park Condo group... all of us live in the same condo... it was so funny bc none of the kids recognized us and were so shocked.

Neil and Leslie as Jack Black and his gypsy pirate woman.

Connie and Alan as well you know... and for Star Wars fans (as I hear) this is a sad sight to see these two together.

Martin and Jane as John Lennon and Cher.

Audry and Stephen as a Geisha and the Last Samurai.

Joni and Laurence as Bollywood stars.

Blake and Camille as Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.

The Murder Mystery was good... there was very little acting but the actors would walk around the crowd and help with clues... we had to figure out who and why was someone murdered (there was a total of 2 people). Our group did guess the right people and who did it but we did not win bc we did not put enough details on the paper... like how was someone poisoned, when, etc.? We will know for next time.

During the show they had random people read out lines in the play (bc we were extras) and at one point "Harry Potter" was given a script to read and the script was a proposal for his soon to be bride... it was so romantic and sweet... here is a pic of the couple after she said Yes.

Here is our whole table... oh what fun we had... we can't wait for the next one but we were thinking we might want to dress up a little more.

Blake Anthony and Camillopatra with no head dress.... man they gave us some headaches but it was worth it.

The show gave awards for best dressed... we won first place (shared with another table that came as Grey's Anatomy)... here is our curtain call and accepting our reward... white wine... where's the money and trophy?

After the show some of us could just not call it quits for the night... so we decided to hit the town all dressed up... we went down to Clark Quay to listen to a band and get starred at... we had alot of fun... never a dull moment with this crowd.

During the night alot of people wanted to take pics with us... as we were leaving Clark Quay we got one more pic with some new friends (some locals and two American military men on break)... they were a lovely group and we were honored to share our head dresses. What fun... We love Singapore and all the memories we are making.

This pic is for Ashley E. I thought of you the whole time while I was putting on my makeup... you inspired this creation... I knew you would be so proud of the smoky look... love you girl.


EDENS said...

I love that look. Next time i see you i NEED you to do my eyes like that. I am not kidding. You know i would of loved that party and pretending like I am famous two of my favorite things. Looks like yall had so much fun. Miss you girl. Oh the eyes look like you went to MAC and had them done. I am so impressed.

The Stringers said...

Awesome costume!! Looks like ya'll had a blast.

The Westcott's said...

Your makeup is so good! It almost doesn't even look like you. What fun!

Grantham said...

Nice! I always knew both of you were thespians.

Shelly said...

Oh my goodness that doesn't even look like you!!! That is crazy. I can't believe you did your makeup yourself...oh wait, I CAN believe it...but I do have to say I like the brunette Camille better. What fun!


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