Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tea Time!

Today (Saturday) we had a Spring Tea at church... it is a great outreach program to bring friends and just a great time to fellowship. Alot of the moms brought their daughters to share in the fun. I had alot of fun with my lady friends... I left Blake and Pierce at home.

Here is a just a shot of all the ladies... and you will see some men in the pic bc they were the servers.

Our speaker came from Bali where she teaches dance as a form of therapy for special needs children. She gave a wonderful talk and afterwards performed a spiritual dance for us... it was very moving and brought tears to my eyes.

I had originally planned to just come to the tea, get some great food, hear a talk and have some good girl time... but during bible study one week one of my friends who was putting the tea together slid me a piece of paper and told me to sign up... at the top of the page was Table Sponsors... this meant that you were in charge of setting up a table; place setting, decorations... the whole nine yards... since I had never been to a tea and do not own here in Singapore a place setting for 8 people I said that I could decorate if she found me some dishes... Well the rest is history... we found dishes and I found decorations.... so here is my table... the Asian Tea Party full of butterflies.

My make shift chandelier.... every tea party needs a chandelier... the next pics are just for my momma... I know she would want to see every detail of the table... so here you go mom... this one is for you.

The beautiful flowers... center pierce... I did not make this arrangement so I feel safe to go on and on about how beautiful this is... you can get orchids here in Singapore for .50 - .90 cents a stem (Singapore money... so that is like .20 - .70 a stem in US)... crazy cheap and so beautiful. I took the butterflies to the man who did this and he did exactly as I had imagined.... don't you just love it.

Here is the place setting...

Another shot of the table... oh what fun.

The next couple of tables were done by some other ladies... there were about 30 tables or so and some were done by one person and some were done by a team... they were all great and made a wonderful atmosphere... a great idea for more functions.

These were the ladies at my table... we had so much fun today... aren't they just beautiful?


Lisa said...

How fun! And what a cool idea. I want to come to Singapore! You did an amazing job (of course) on your table...absoltutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the scrapbook pages of this event.

Lindsay Countryman said...

It looks like so much fun, Camille.
As always your decorating is georgous!
Wish I was there at your table.
Miss you so much, Friend.

da momma said...

fun! I LOVED your table!! Your friends are pretty and Im constantly amazed at all you are getting to expierence! God is good, and full of fun!

The Westcott's said...

This is great! I cannot even count how many ladies teas I've been to...and my mom always sponsored the table so I've decorated a few as well! We always used a different tea set at each place (my sisters and I collect them). I love your flower arrangement! Beautiful!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

That is so cool! I like your table the best, it's so bright and colorful! I don't think I've ever been to a tea...


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