Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grandad left Singapore... :-(

We had to say goodbye to Grandad last night... we are very sad but while he was here we got to do alot of fun things.

One night we left Pierce at home and took Grandad and some of his coworkers out to eat Mussels at Brussel sprouts in Roberston Quay. Yum Yum.
Another night we just happen to be eating at our favorite German restaurant in Vivo City and here comes Grandad and his co workers. They say right next to use and the manager brought over a 2 liter beer for us to buy. We did not buy it but we had to get a pic of Pierce holding it.

And this past Sunday we got to join him at Sentosa. The guys could not pass up riding the luge not once but twice. Three generations of dare devils. The only hat that would fit Pierce's head was pink... poor guy.

Ready Set Go!
During the race.... I have to say I won only bc I wanted to get a good shot of them coming down... but Grandad actually got this shot... good one so show how fast they were going.

After the race... not sure what Pierce was thinking.

Grandad after the race... he loved it.

We had dinner at Sentosa during the sun set... beautiful.

But last night we said Goodbye... Grandad came late to dinner we were finished already and Pierce had to sit on Grandad's lap the entire time he ate. Never let Grandad out of sight until nite nite time... we miss you already... hurry and come back.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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The Westcott's said...

I'm glad you got to see so much of him while he was there for business. I love that Pierce sat on his lap the whole dinner!

Jones Family said...

So sweet!!!!!! Wow, grandparents just capture these babies hearts so fast...they seriously have grandparent radar.
So glad you guys had a fun visit. Love the sunset pic!


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