Monday, April 20, 2009

Is it too late????

As American citizens we are free to VOTE... even when residing in Singapore... BUT what does it mean when one gets their absentee ballot for the Nov. 2008 election in April 2009?

Fortunately I was in Texas so I was able to vote there but unfortunatly Blake was not able to vote seeing that we just got the forms 6 months to late...

But I plead.... is is to late... will our vote still count... we demand a re-count.


Melanie said...

HA! I would like a recount too. I didn't even get to vote, but 6 months?!?! Geez.

Corrie said...

Someone needs to hear about that. I don't know what county you're registered in, but this might be a good start:

6 months later is ridiculous.

The Westcott's said...

You should fill it out and mail it in...see if they send you some kind of response.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about a recount... remember when gore won the election?

so i know exactly how you are feeling right now!

nyuk nyuk nyuk!


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