Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Supper Club Singapore - August - National Day celebration...

I forget when it all started but my first supper club was The Supper Club Houston group with Lindsay, me, Alaina, Amanda, Jordan and Jessica (in order of picture below and Jordan & Jess are not in the picture) and all of our husbands... This group and our monthly supper clubs hold some of the fondest memories I have in Houston, TX... well I wanted to continue these memories here in Singapore (although with a different group.. I will always remember my first :-)).
We have a total of 6 couples in the Supper Club Singapore group... this group was naturally formed prior to this and adding a traditional supper ever month just seemed like the right thing... We had our first Supper Club Singapore (SCS) in August and Blake and I were the host. Since this month in Singapore is a big month to celebrate the countries birthday we decided to have a National Day bash at the BBQ pit.

We asked everyone to wear red and white and there were many festivities and activities planned for the evening.

Blake was suppose to wear this flag as he was the chef for the night....but they decided it might desecrate the flag so we tied it to a tree and let it flap in the wind... also everyone was greeted with a bear hug from me and tattoo in their desired location... Blake had his on his cheek and mine was on my bicep.

Our spread was hamburgers both beef and chicken satay, hot dogs (beef with Guinness and Mexican), tandoori chicken, chicken kabobs and lots of other stuff... yum yum.
After dinner we decided to play a friendly game of Taboo, females against the males. Oh it was so much fun and we really learned alot about our couples... and how well they liked each other... HE HE HE... and to let you know the FEMALES won.

After our friendly game (did I mention the females won)... we had fireworks... we were already told by security to keep it down so we decided to make more noises with poppers and screaming sparklers.

After fireworks we had dessert... Happy Birthday Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes....
And I had to add this pic bc soon we will have our youngest member... baby Unruh (the only Singaporean) to our group.
The boys...Toby, Blake, Travis, Justin, Jacob, and Jayme.

The, Jenn, Mel, Jess, Gillian and Jennifer had already left to relieve the babysitter.


Melanie said...

We should just share a blog :-) Haha! It was a BLAST and I think that you guys should entertain more often :-P Hehe

Jordan said...

What a fun group! We are still trying to make it to Houston monthly, but we've had to miss a few! I have a question about being born outside US. So will that baby have duel citizenship? Will he/she not be American? How does it work?

Renee Westcott said...

I'm so glad you have a fun group to get together with consistently!


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