Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More of our Days... together!

We have been busy and having so much fun... Sunday was church and play and then Blake took Monday off so we had the whole day just hanging out with Daddy no pics from Monday but you can see some of the fun we are having this week.

Ready for church... another great outfit from JuJu.

Tuesday we went to China Town to do some shopping and try some famous noodles that come highly recommended... this places rocks...

This guy was featured on the discovery channel so his restaurant is famous and he makes these noodles by hand... no cutting utensils... it is amazing... and JuJu got to hold them.

Surrounding the restaurant are these pics of other people and the noodle guy...

Then we were off to get our name written in CHINESE....this guy too is famous.. he had a LOOONNNGGG story.

Sunday Night we headed to Robertson Quay to have some Aussie Food.... yum yum.

Pierce got a hold of the camera again... taking a pic of his JUJU.

A great last couple of days... it is hard to believe that we only have 4 more days with JUJU... oh how sad we will be to see her go... OK got to get off the computer... headed to dinner... see you soon.


Suzanne said...

FUN!!! I'm so jealous of all of the good food you're enjoying!! The fun never stops with you guys!

Corrie said...

I LOVE that blue dress you have on. You look hot, Mama!

Gillian said...

Woo woo! That dress looks AWESOME on you! DANG, I'm sorry we missed church! xoxo

Melanie said...

Great pics, you look gorgeous!!!!! Hot mama :-) Love the pic of Blake & Pierce walking....I take tons of those of J&J!


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