Saturday, August 15, 2009

The eagle has landed...

The eagle has landed... and the eagles name is Aunt JuJu... oh how we are having fun already.

She got here around 6am, Blake picked her up and dropped her off at the house and went to work, we all slept in until 9am, had breakfast, had Christmas in August, Blake got home, headed to the Plaza for lunch and now we are all trying to take a nap (except Pierce who is screaming in bed and me bc I am typing)....

Sorry no pics so far but tomorrow I will star the Aunt JuJu tour - Part 2.

Don't miss out on the blog post today on Lady Gaga below... check out the videos too... she is crazy.

1 comment:

Blake and Kendell said...

yay! have fun. i'll check back for pics


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